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Would you like to translate Collaborative Democracy into your native language? To check the currently available languages, take a look at the currently available languages and credits page. Maybe your language has already been translated and is ready for you or needs to be checked by a second translator or needs a correction. Read these instructions first before starting to work on a translation.

If you want to translate the English version of Collaborative Democracy into your native language follow these directions.

  1. Check to see if this site is already available in your native language by going to the currently available languages and credits page.
  2. Copy the article into Word or any text editor. Then translate what you can and send us your translation.
  3. If you want to check, correct or add to a translation that has already been started copy the existing translation from the web site and start to translate from where it leaves off or make corrections as needed. Also include the site url for that specific language so we know where to post it.

When you are finished, send your translation to: translations@collaborative-democracy.com. Once we process the translation and post it, the translation be available to the world.

It will become part of the Collaborative Democracy site. We will also put your name on the list of contributors. Now go ahead and translate any part of this site into your native language. We will send you an email when we post it.

Currently Available Languages and Credits

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