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October 23, 2007

For civilization to advance, citizens must become aware of the internal workings of government on all levels in perpetuity.

For a government to be transparent and accountable to it citizens it must be possible for the citizens at anytime to easily retrieve, supervise and audit the internal workings of their government. In addition, the citizens must be able to publicly comment and communicate with all other citizens on these workings without impediment.

Steering Committee:
The committee is to facilitate the process, make suggestions, maintain fairness and order, and to supervise whatever votes are required to help create truly useful software, not dictate.

Road Map:
Citizens require a full accounting of all of the assets purchased and the current inventory for their town, county, state and federal government. The software will show; the cost of each item, the invoice for each item, when and where the item was delivered, who used the item, the associated costs of using the item and what purpose the item served. The software will have features that allow the user to determine the true cost and use of the item.

The citizens also need to be able to do real time reviews and analysis of the general ledger, time sheets, invoices and bank accounts of their political subdivisions (e.g. towns, counties, states or country).

The citizens must have access to all internal and external memos, meetings minutes, email and other electronic messages, policies, settlements, agreements, contracts and all other actions the government and government workers may take.

The software will track the processing of all cases that move though the judicial system from complaint through final deposition in real time for both civil and criminal cases.

Additionally, the software will track, report and archive the entire Collaborative Democracy Voting Process for electors and the elected.

The software will be architected so that as governments adopt Collaborative Democracy they can efficiently add and remove modules as needed and not to be over burdened with complex systems that require consulting, customization, maintenance and support services that make the system impractical to implement and use.

The software will support multi languages and currencies to be universal and useful for all governments. The software will also support video, audio and a wide variety of data presentation techniques and technologies.

The software will have similar reporting functions of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software without the complexity, long installation times and huge costs associated with ERP.

The software will employ both open standards and technologies to prohibit any company gaining an advantage over any democracy. But the system will allow for proprietary modules to interact with the software to foster both capitalism and innovation by citizens who will only work for profit.

The software will enable government workers to easily accomplish their jobs and report the output of their efforts.

Ultimately the software will enable the citizens to supervise their government so they can protect democracy with the goal of improving the performance, accountability and transparency of government.

Get Involved: Email us to join in!

  1. We need software engineers, architects and coders to volunteer who are familiar with working in an open source collaborative environment to design and build the software.
  2. We need good citizens to volunteer for the initial steering committee to assist in the forming of national, state, county and local steering committees who will help set the software's design goals.
  3. We need good citizens to volunteer to put the Collaborative Democracy Voting Process in place to nominate and choose our successors on the steering committees.
  4. We need citizens to nominate towns, counties, states and nations where they think the citizens would benefit the most in deploying this software.
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