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November 01, 2007

Join in on the decisions of what our policies should be.

When the government acts in any fashion they act in the citizens' name, every time.

We are asking citizens to decide what acts will be taken in our names at all levels of government; municipal, county, state and federal.

We believe that many of the policies our government officials engage in today would either not exist or would be vastly different if they were from the perspective of protecting the citizens and developing a better world. Policies should be in the best interests of the citizens rather than trying to fulfill the needs of political campaign contributors and lobbyists.

Most citizens are unaware of the acts that are committed in our names everyday and most of these policies are not designed to help the citizens in anyway. These policies help lobbyists and campaign contributors at the expense of the citizens.

The majority of the national and local domestic and foreign policies both do not reflect the values and desires of the citizens.

So it is no wonder so many of our policies make no sense to an average citizen.

Policies that do not protect the citizens or help strive for a better world make a mockery of the government.

If you think a policy should be modified, or have a an idea for a new policy use the Collaborative Democracy Framework steps 1 through 3 and then email it to us, to begin step 4, the citizen Feedback step.

Currently, we are working on building the software to make this process easier and a 100% online experience that includes steps 5 and 6, but you will loose nothing by starting now and gain much.

Build a Better World Today!


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