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Collaborative Democracy
November 28, 2007

Advancing Civilization Together

Sea Girt, New Jersey November 28, 2007, Jack Martin today announced Collaborative Democracy, which is a political framework where electors and the elected actively collaborate to attain the best possible solution to any situation using collaborative enabling technologies to facilitate wide scale citizen participation in government. Collaborative Democracy brings all people into the governing process to help civilization reach its full potential.

Citizens collaborate in determining the political agenda and in the decision-making process itself. Collaborative Democracy also involves the selection and replacement of government officials at anytime. When the citizens form a large minority of 10% supporting a law, policy or candidate an election is held.

Collaborative Democracy is characterized by a decision making structure which involves and takes into account as broad a range of citizen input as possible. Citizens, whether elected or elector, openly debate and critique public policy in real time from conception to enforcement, employing collaborative methods and processes.

The foundation of Collaborative Democracy is based on the Ten Commandments of Civilization and participation of Good Citizens who wish to build a society that reflects their desires and values. The Ten Commandments of Civilization give guidance to form governments based on Collaborative Democracy.

Today, the citizens of the world are divided into two groups; one group who can adapt to a modern way of thinking and acting; and the others who are about to become extinct.

The world has been ruled for over 6,000 years based on the intimidation of populations and by polluting people's minds to fulfill the greed for material things, power and fame for a select few. Keeping people ignorant of the internal workings of government on all levels and the actions these governments take on a local and global basis has inhibited human beings from reaching their full potential. Citizens have been trained from birth to ignore the daily working of government, even in the most progressive democracies.

"Civilization has transcended the simplistic solutions, that were derived in antiquity for the complex challenges that are now faced by all people of the world," said Jack Martin, "The day of the huckster politician, dictator, king, and theocrat has passed, as they are obsolete, irrelevant and most importantly ineffectual in today's modern world. Today's challenges require input from a wide and diverse set of citizens to attain successful outcomes."

The majority of countries in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan have benefited handsomely from both Democracy and Capitalism. Russia, China and India are all making enormous strides in the direction of Capitalism with Russia also leading the way in Democracy.

The continents of Africa and South America have not fared as well as there is not one country that stands out as a successful example of Democracy or Capitalism on either continent nor has the Middle East, Mexico and most of Asia. All of these areas support the most brutal living conditions for human beings today because they lack Democracy and Capitalism.

The Western Hemisphere is currently experiencing a mass exodus of South Americans and Mexicans who are migrating from their home countries to the United States. Simultaneously an exodus from the Middle East is taking place where people are migrating to Europe. This is evidence of the total failure of their home countries to deliver acceptable living conditions for their citizens. The lucky few, who do escape tell stories of brutality and inhumanity beyond the acts of sanity.

We stand at a crossroads. We can enter a period of national, religious and economic wars on a global scale that could last for generations. These wars, should they transpire, will create vast human suffering and have countless unintended consequences that can be predicted by no one. The other choice is for humanity to collectively find peace for all mankind. This choice is for all of the citizens of the world, not the few who hold power by intimidation and deception.

The citizens of the world, no matter where they may reside, must choose between war and peace in a collaborative, democratic way.

Build a Better World Today!


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