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November 01, 2007

Become part of building a better America, help re-write the Laws of the Land.

We are asking citizens to re-write the municipal, county, state and federal laws.

We believe that many of the laws on the books today would either not exist or would be vastly different if they were written from the perspective of protecting the citizens and developing a better world. Laws should be fair and honest goals for all citizens rather than trying to fulfill the needs of political campaign contributors and lobbyists.

Most of the laws that we all live by were not even written by the people we elected, but by lobbyists, assistants and interns then given to lawyers who author them in a language know as legalese. Legalese is a polite way to say lies and deception, where nothing means what it says and nothing says what it means.

Also, many of the laws on the books are not operable or enforceable and they are wishful thinking. There is either no will to or there is no realistic way to enforce these laws. These types of laws are charades designed to make politicians appear effective. But the representatives who vote for and pass these laws really don't expect anything one way or the other to come from them.

So it is no wonder so many of our laws make no sense to an average citizen.

Laws that do not protect the citizens or help strive for a better world make a mockery of the law.

If you know of a law that you think should be modified, or have an idea for a new law use, the Collaborative Democracy Framework steps 1 through 3 and then email it to us to begin step 4, the citizen Feedback step.

Currently, we are working on building the software to make this process easier and a 100% online experience that includes steps 5 and 6 but you will loose nothing by starting now and gain much.

Build a Better World Today!


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