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November 11, 2007

For civilization to advance, citizens must become aware of the internal workings of their state on all levels, in perpetuity. This is now possible with the rise of the Internet culture.

For a state to be transparent and accountable to its citizens it must be possible for the citizens at anytime to easily retrieve, supervise and audit the internal workings of their state. In addition, the citizens must be able to publicly comment and communicate with all other citizens on these workings without impediment.

Steering Committee:
The committee is to facilitate the process, make suggestions, maintain fairness and order, not dictate. They are to supervise whatever votes are required to help find and recruit state governments who will lead the way in the Collaborative Democratic process.

Road Map:
The committee shall lead the search for citizens who desire their state government to be transparent and accountable to them.

Once a state has been identified, the committee will help the local committee develop effective plans for the local citizens. So the citizens can gain an awareness of the internal workings of their state government on all levels.

The committee must urge the local citizens to interrelate with each other on a daily basis and meet in person, thereby fostering local citizen collaboration.

Also the committee will share techniques, strategies and tactics that have worked for other local state committees. In addition, the committee will introduce committee members from other committees so they may learn from each other.

Get Involved:

  1. We need good citizens to volunteer who believe that a state government must be transparent and accountable to its citizens.
  2. We need good citizens to volunteer for the initial state steering committees to assist in the formation of local state steering committees.
  3. We need good citizens to volunteer to put the Collaborative Democracy Voting Process in place to nominate and choose our successors on the steering committees.
  4. We need citizens to nominate who they think are the wisest among them in their communities for state office.
  5. Donate

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