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October 15, 2007

Collaborative Democracy can be applied to a wide range of political philosophies. It is neutral to any one type of thinking and value system over another. As long as the citizens desire to be free and have the will to exercise their social responsibly to guarantee their freedoms for the common good, Collaborative Democracy reflects the true will of the citizens and their values in any society.

People who are oppressed and live where political expression is controlled by fear and intimidation can use Collaborative Democracy as a stepping-stone to freedom. They can use it to undermine and to eventually destroy government propaganda and laws and policies that do not reflect the true will and values of the people. Once the conditions for social change are in place to make self-determination possible, good citizens can quickly and efficiently craft a fair-minded government using Collaborative Democracy.

Collaborative Democracy is the enemy of any leader, government or system that puts the leader, government or system in a superior position over the citizens. Many leaders hold power only for themselves as many governments and systems are perpetuated only for the people who control those systems and governments. Whenever a government can require people to profess a value or belief against their will, the government is an oppressor and an enemy of the citizens - as freedom and self-determination cannot exist under these conditions.

A leader who claims, 'they have the best interests of the people in mind and a love for their country guides them,' will quickly find out if the people agree with them or not, when the citizens apply Collaborative Democracy in their country. The leaders who fight against Collaborative Democracy already know all to well that they hold power that is illegitimate and against the will of the people. Legitimate governments serve the citizen's needs and reflect their values with the citizen's perpetual input and consent.

Collaborative Democracy is not Conservative or Liberal. It neither supports or opposes any Civil or Religious Laws. Chanakya, Christian, Confucius, Indigenous, Islamic, Nicomachean, Tribal and Zionist thinking all can be applied as can any other type of thinking that allows for people to be free and exercise self-determination within a society.

Under no circumstances should Collaborative Democracy be forced upon a population that is not willing to exercise their social responsibility and develop their lives to attain and protect their freedom. People who will not effort for freedom and self-determination are nothing more than slaves and should be treated as such. Self-imposed slavery is the sign of an undeveloped mind due to laziness and is the lowest form of life. This is a condition that no person can free another from. Freedom and self-determination can only be attained by self-effort and a willingness to take the necessary steps to have it.

Jack Martin
October 15, 2007
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