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October 19, 2007

Step 1: Nominate
Nominate a Citizen for Elected Office
A. Nominate a citizen for an elected office with the nominator's name attached.
B. Describe with precision how the citizen nominee is uniquely qualified for the job so a common citizen can understand why they are the best choice to represent the citizens.
C. Describe the verifiable record of accomplishments and skills the citizen nominee possesses with details of how these skills will help advance civilization or protect it while representing the citizens.

Step 2: Detail
Detail goals, weaknesses, and resources
A. Describe with precision what the candidate's goals are and include the details of how they plan on attaining their goals and why their plans will be successful.
B. Describe any weaknesses the candidate may have that could cause them not to accomplish their goals as an elected representative. For example, lack of experience, weak financial skills or poor health.
C. Describe the resources that are required to make the candidate and their unique qualifications known to the electors.

Step 3: Budget
How will this candidate's nomination be funded?
A. Assign dollar amounts to each line item in Step 2C.
B. Describe the sources of the funding with details of who the ultimate source of the funding is with a complete biography of these people.
C. Explain what the candidate has done to assure the electors that the candidate will represent the citizenry's needs exclusively.

Step 4: Feedback
Publish the information on your proposed candidate for comments and opinions.
A. Have the candidate clarify and answer any questions that are asked by the citizens.
B. Consider if you should abandon or go forward with the proposed candidate based on the feedback you have received.
C. Form a large minority of 10% of the eligible voters who support the proposed candidate to get them on the next ballot.

Step 5: Vote
Discover the will of the people.
A. The candidate is scheduled on the next ballot.
B. Make sure potential voters know when your candidate is up for vote and what they are all about.
C. Participate in a public counting and auditing of all of the votes.

Step 6: Elected Representative Supervision
Discover if the elected representative is the right person for the job.
A. Deploy the resources that are required to supervise the elected representative.
B. Measure the effectiveness of the elected representative and their rate of success in attaining their goals through regular auditing of their performance.
C. Report if the elected representative is performing up to voter expectations, if they are not go back to 1A and start the Nominate a Citizen for Elected Office process.
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